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Requiem for a Blue Lagoon


Call It Home
An Olin-Chayes Production

In Memoriam
Chuck Olin
1937 - 2005

Call it Home: Searching for Truth on Bolinas Lagoon celebrates the beauty and importance of the world famous Bolinas Lagoon, explores the issues behind a decades-long community debate to understand the forces affecting its future, and seeks to inspire people everywhere to love and respect nature.

The lagoon has been silting up, getting noticeably shallower, and opinions on what to do about it range from large scale dredging to no action at all. In the nearly four years since production began, the story has taken many unforeseen twists and turns, all of which are chronicled in the film. The basic issue remains the same: what actions to take, if any, to effect change on the lagoon.

This film is in part a legacy for the local Northern California coastal communities and their long term commitment to save “place”, to “dwell in harmony with our neighbors – those that creep and fly, those that swim and soar, those that sway on roots as well as those that walk about on two legs.” As the film states, today's widespread environmental concerns stem to a great degree from roots set down in western Marin County more than half a century ago. Our film places the Bolinas Lagoon story in the context of the history of the "Marin Miracle"; preservation of open land in Marin County, including development of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Point Reyes National Seashore. The rise of national environmental consciousness in the 70's literally began in Northern California, and to some degree, with efforts to preserve Bolinas Lagoon.

Call it Home: Searching for Truth on Bolinas Lagoon, a non-profit 501C3 project, will be a testament to the effectiveness of patient democratic debate and concerned activism. At first glance it's a small local story, but it is also clearly a microcosm that resonates with important environmental issues that are currently debated across our nation and around the world. As such, our film can have a long and most useful life, through community and educational distribution at all levels, through television outlets of all kinds, and through the Internet and podcasting.

Price: $24.95


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