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Divine Food: 100 Years in the Kosher Delicatessen Trade

Now available in DVD.

Divine Food: 100 Years in the Kosher Delicatessen Trade

Produced by L. John Harris and Bill Chayes
Directed by Bill Chayes
Based on material from The Deli Book by L. John Harris
A Deli Project Production in association with the Judah L. Magnes Museum

When standing at the Deli counter, do you wonder what makes a good pastrami sandwich kosher? Our film offers a tell all, behind the scenes look at the Biblically based kosher meat manufacturing process. The film focuses on the immigrant Oscherwitz family, manufacturers of Kosher deli products since the 1880's.

Through interviews, archival photos and film, the Oscherwitz story is told, along with a step-by-step examination of the koshering process. On location at the company plant with a side trip to a classic deli, the film captures the mouth-watering flavors and heart warming memories of the Jewish delicatessen.

Divine Food has been broadcast on 18 PBS affiliate stations, has appeared with great success in 20 film festivals across the country. It is used in many Jewish schools to describe the Kosher manufacturing process and as an inspirational story of a successful immigrant family. In addition it has been shown countless times across the country in Jewish institutions and homes followed by an inevitably successful deli lunch!

Running Time: 47 Minutes
Price: $19.95


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